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 has been transforming and improving lives in many countries for three decades. Through his distinguished career as an international management consultant and diplomat he has applied his expertise to assist governments, businesses and communities in solving significant human development problems.

Hazlewood now turns his attention to the youth in order to use the art of storytelling to expand young minds. His instincts as a parent and grandfather encourage him to believe that kids, if made aware at an early age, of the important issues of our time, will be able to meet the emerging challenges. They can be prepared to do a better job than our generation. Books and electronic media provide useful tools to entertain and expand young minds in a converging environment and competitive global community.

Leyland has managed projects that addressed basic human needs, rural development, agriculture, health and entrepreneurial development in 56 countries. He has been a delegate to major international conferences addressing trade, investment, and technological solutions to promote sustainable human development initiatives.

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Hazlewood’s experience in helping to design a plan to safeguard the ecosystems and biodiversity in Madagascar and as a delegate to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002) helped to reinforce his understanding of the impact of our everyday activities on Climate Change.Leyland Hazlewood uses his expertise from a rich and multifaceted experience to focus on themes that address practical ways in which individuals may become personally involved in green and ecofriendly actions. He targets children, teachers and the growing numbers of families that are becoming increasingly green and environmentally conscious.
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